Everything was set for both our families to meet for the official introduction. My parents and I were ready to travel to her hometown to meet her parents for the marriage list. Based on our communication, it was safe to say that they were ready for us. I was besideContinue Reading

I was the maid of honor for Frimpomaa’s wedding. We grew up together. I and Frimpomaa have stuck together all through the years. She didn’t have to choose me as her maid of honor. The position fell on my lap just as kingship falls on the lap of royals. WeContinue Reading

I am a young lady who has been married for three years. My husband and I live together but I do not love him. When I search my heart, I cannot tell if I ever loved him. We were in a situationship. That’s how I would define our relationship. ThereContinue Reading

It was August 2009. School was on vacation so I took a long trip to Brekum in the Brong Ahafo region to visit my senior sister. She had been married for three years but wasn’t living with her husband. The man travelled abroad right after their marriage so she wasContinue Reading

We were supposed to get married last year December. It didn’t happen. We planned for it all year. December came. No show. When I asked him why he said, “I want to finish my master’s first. It’s getting harder. Each day, new project work. I can’t keep up. Kindly giveContinue Reading

I was with Tony the day we met Konadu and her friend Lucy back on campus. Immediately they walked in, Tony said, “Wow, I like the one in red. If I had a girlfriend like her, marriage straight. I will never look at another woman.” I said, “You said theContinue Reading

She came to the banking hall every Monday to make a deposit. I noticed her in a queue one day looking frustrated. She was beautiful. Though she had a frown on, that couldn’t hide her beautiful face. I kept hoping she’ll come to my side but when it got toContinue Reading

A farmer and his friend who allegedly attacked and killed his ex-wife’s husband at Musunkwa, a farming community in the Wassa East District have been nabbed by the police. The suspects, Kojo Attah, alias Capo and Buabeng have been detained at the Atobiase police station, while investigations are ongoing. TheContinue Reading